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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Turkey for Thanks Giving

1 Large Turkey
1 Stick Butter
2-3 cups water
1-2 onions
Garlic Put turley in large crock pot salt and pepper to taste. Add garlic, water and onions. Cut up butter in to small chunks and spread around bird and start crock pot on 350 to 400.

If you are not woried about the pretty ness of your breast cuts you can put turkey in upside down. This will cause juices to better flow into the breast which is my favrite cut.

If using self basting pot (one that causes the watter to drip back into pan all around bird) no need to baste other wise baste bird every 30 min after first hour of cooking.

If using bird with pop timer wait and watch for that other wise using a internal thermastat check for tep of 165 or higher.

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