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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Becca Cooks - Who, what, where, and why!

Welcome to the Becca Cooks blog. I want to make a first note we are not trying to replace the existing site. To start with I would like to explain the purpose of this site. I created a website for my little girl called It is recipe site created to share recipes with family and friends. I am a programmer and am always looking for new side projects, and as such have always encouraged my kids to be active. Rebecca (we call her Becca) is 12 and about to start middle school leaving her childhood behind. I created this site in a attempt to give her something fun to work on (and something for me to work on) in our spare time. It is my goal to make enough money to put my kids fully though school. This is something that I came up with, with Becca to do together to make money. We do not plan to charge for the site but we plan to add adds and other for sell items on it to make revenue to put her though school.

So now that we know why. Who is Becca Cooks. Rebecca Jean Healey is a 12 year old girl living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the the middle child of Richard and Tanya Healey. Richard is a computer programmer working for a Company named Xennsoft. Tanya is a electronic tech working for UTA (the bus company here in Utah). We live in Rose Park Utah. Rebecca like all little girls loves to be like her mother. She loves to cook! So I created as a place for her to share her favorite recipes and find new favorites. I will let her add more later to the blog about her, so more on that later.

What is It is a website created (and still in construction) built by Becca's dad to be able to list recipes. It is created and designed by Richard Healey with input from Becca and others. It is not complete, and will take weeks if not years to do so. At this time we have more then 80 recipes. We need more and that is where you come in. I ask that you our friends take a moment and enter a recipe. Follow the blog and post any comments or suggestions here or email me at

Oh ya where go to


Richard Healey

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